IAS Forwarding

Land Freight

This mode of transport is the most used in international trade operations, because even if the cargo comes by sea, air or train, road transport is necessary either to transfer the cargo to a warehouse and / or deliver it to the buyer's facilities.

Sea Freight

We offer maritime transport service to any part of the world with reasonable and competitive costs. On the other hand within our strategic alliances is to help you find the transportation to your measure by sea, land, air or land transport.

Air Freight

We design flexible solutions tailored to each of our customers by air cargo, committed to cutting-edge technology and innovation, promoting safety, reliability, reliability, availability and economy in air transport, with excellent delivery time to your destination.

Our Services

Merchandise Insurance

Land Service to and from the USA

Cross Docking

Customs clearance Nuevo Laredo and Laredo

Domestic and international delivery service

Various service alternatives, costs and rates

Delivery service around the world


Experience in service with a sense of urgency

Full Container DCL

LCL container

Safe door-to-door loading

Project loads

Flexi tank Iso tank

Packing and packaging

Storage (Racks)

Picking and Packing

Temporary storage